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August 2010 Meeting Summary

< Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting > Our August meeting featured an excellent presentation by Jim Steinberg, a professional photographer based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Jim’s presentation was a step away from the standard here’s-some-of-the-places-I’ve-been style, and much more of a ‘learning’ opportunity for those present. Mr. Steinberg’s message was to simplify one’s photography, keeping in mind the basics of line, form, color, and shapes. Starting with fairly direct photos, such as a stairs to illustrate the concept of line, Jim showed these concepts in use in progressively more complex or rich photographs, showing how the basics still apply in a variety of subjects and environments to capture the eye of the viewer, lead the viewer from one part of the photograph to other parts, or lead the viewer into the photograph. By deliberately choosing compositional elements and planning the photograph, one can produce higher quality work and lessen the amount of post-processing needed.

Jim ended the presentation with a question and answer session, taking the time to answer a variety of questions about his work and the presentation. Jim also had copies of his most recent books available – a two volume set “Colorado Scenic Byways” and a companion Road Atlas & Travel Guide. The books were available for purchase either as a set or separately. Enough attendees bought the books that at least one was sold out. Jim graciously offered to ship copies to others wanting to buy. I bought the Road Atlas & Travel Guide and look forward to using this in my explorations of Colorado.

Jim also judged the monthly competition, and took more time than some in offering constructive pointers, having specific criticism of both the good points in a submission and areas for possible improvement, and referred back to the concepts in his presentation frequently. Please visit www.jimsteinbergphotography.com and www.portfoliopublications.com for additional information, including upcoming workshops offered by this month’s presenter.

Prior to the presentation, Matt had several announcements and bits of club news, including:

1) The club is going to look into a possible calendar to benefit The Wildlife Experience. Ron Eberhart and Tammy Hammond volunteered to lead this effort.

2) Photo contests currently accepting entries include The Lux Awards (www.theluxawards.com); The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of Wyoming (www.whfw.org), and the National Audubon Society (www.audubon.org)

3) Russ Burden announced a free offering by DPA featuring Lensbaby products and a tour of Denver Victorian homes.

4) Our featured speaker a few months ago, Glenn Randall, has workshops in Rocky Mountain National Park this month. See the August newsletter for additional details.

5) Club membership dues are expected to remain the same in 2011.

6) The club will now offer a $25.00 honorarium for all non-member presenters.

7) This year’s TWE exhibit featuring MHWPC photographers should be up sometime this fall.

8) Next month’s meeting is in the Great Hall at TWE, not the theatre.

9) And last but not least – all club members are urged to consider volunteering for 2011 positions in the club – a list of officer positions and team leaders is on the last page of every newsletter. Please contact Matt or a current officer or board member if interested in taking a role in the club next year! < Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting >
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