Mile High Wildlife Photo Club

2007 Nature's Best Submission

The Mile High Wildlife Photography Club won the 2007 Nature's Best Photography, Windland Smith Rice International Awards, competition in the Camera Club category.

The following collage was on display in the Smithsonian Institution, and a similar collage (same images in a different arrangement) appeared in the Fall 2007 issue of Nature's Best Photography magazine. All of the images from the club's submission are shown below.

Image by Jan Forseth

The Whole Submission

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Male Painted Bunting Bathing
Cathy Illg
Burrowing Owl Chick
Fi Rust
Death Valley Sunset
Bristlecone Abstract
Nick Burden
Zebra Stallions Fighting
Charlie Summers
Alum Creek
Nick Burden
Red-Billed Oxpecker
James Hager
Swift Fox Family
Fi Rust
Yucca Stormy Sky
Black Bear Cub
Donna Carr
Mittens Reflection
Reb Babcock
Crowned Plover Adult and Chick
James Hager
Colorful Sunrise Ascension
Jan Forseth
Mountain Gorilla Baby
Rita Summers
Fox In Pipe
Gary Lawrence
Black-Footed Albatross
Rita Summers
Claret Cup
Cathy Illg
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