Mile High Wildlife Photo Club
February 2016 Monthly Competition, Judged by Russ Burden, 11 Entries
3rd Place, Creative, Club Level
Moon Setting over Front Range
Moon Setting over Front Range
Denver Metro area
The front range is a compilation of five images stitched together but the sky was not dramatic. One morning from my deck I saw the perfect cloud formation with just the right opening for a moon so I took five images of the cloud formation and stitched it together to fit my front range image. I reduced the saturation and changed the hue in the clouds to make the light more natural for the angle of the sun and time of day that the front range image was taken. The moon was added from an image taken at an earlier date, but the proportion to the mountains is natural as a result of compression by using a 400mm lens with the mountains being approximately 30 miles away. Houses were removed to protect the privacy of the residents.
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