Mile High Wildlife Photo Club
December 2014 Monthly Competition, Judged by Terry Mieger, 10 Entries
2nd Place, Scenic, Masters Level
The Horsehead Nebula
Roger Clark
The Horsehead Nebula
Colorado, lookign up
Around the lower left (eastern) star (near center in the above image) in the belt of Orion are many faint nebulae. At the very top of the image is the center star of Orion's belt called Alnilam. The beautiful Horsehead nebula (center) is made of dark dust in front of an emission nebula (reddish-pink). The bright nebula to the lower left of the belt star is the emission nebula NGC 2024 (to the left of the Horsehead nebula).

Canon 7D Mark II, 20-megapixel digital camera, Canon 300 mm f/2.8 L IS version II lens at f/2.8. Seventy 60-second exposures at ISO 1600 were added (70 minutes total exposure).
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