Mile High Wildlife Photo Club

December 2012 Meeting Summary

< Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting > The December club meeting was the time for our annual holiday party. This year, TWE provided the Great Hall for our use, giving us plenty of room. The club provided meats, beverages, plates, and utensils. Chuck Winter made the arrangements. Those participating brought a potluck dish to share. True to previous years, dessert was very well represented. With around 65 members participating in the year’s event, we had plenty of all kinds of good food (did I mention all the desserts?).

We did not have a competition in December, but viewed two presentations instead. The first, produced by Bob Stocker, was a “My Favorite Photo” show. Members were allowed to enter a single favorite photo each, and each member had a chance to comment on it while it was being shown. The second was a slide show set to music of all competition winners in 2012. Russ Burden did a very nice job in producing this slide show for the club. It was interesting to see all the winners, and see once again what a high standard the club maintains in the club competitions.

Thank you Chuck, Bob, Russ, and everyone else who helped make the holiday event a success. < Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting >
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