Mile High Wildlife Photo Club

January 2012 Meeting Summary

< Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting > The business portion of our January meeting included important items. Sam Fletcher was elected as club treasurer. Those in attendance also choose the name of the upcoming TWE exhibit: “The Living Forest”. Roger Clark spoke for a few minutes regarding his upcoming February program, giving us a glimpse into what will be discussed. There was also a lengthy discussion regarding the Open competition category, hopefully helping members regarding what belongs and what does not belong in this category.

With Glen Randall not able to give his planned program due to a personal emergency, Chuck Winters gave a truly instructional, first-hand view of Colorado photography opportunities and locales. Covering both wildlife and scenic, there was plenty to take away as far as ideas and places to go. After the break, Rita Summers judged the competition portion of the meeting, offering a lot of specific observati < Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting >
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