Mile High Wildlife Photo Club

December 2011 Meeting Summary

< Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting > On Wednesday, December 14, the Mile High Photo Club celebrated the holiday season with our annual holiday party. Participants brought their favorite side dish to share and delicious barbecued pulled pork was provided by the club. The dinner was held on the second floor of the Wildlife Experience, where we enjoyed Cathy and Gordon Illg's Colorado Plateau exhibit on the walls during dinner. Visiting with fellow club members during dinner, and sharing photography related stories, was quite enjoyable.

After dinner, Russ Burden treated those present to a slideshow of all of the winning entries from the club's 2011 competitions, including the monthly competitions and the Wildlife Experience exhibit competition. Russ's skill at setting up the slideshow images to beautiful music was enjoyed by all. Reviewing the year's winning images was a great reminder of the outstanding level of nature photography skill and talent in our club. There were gorgeous landscape shots and numerous outstanding wildlife behavioral shots.

Bob Stocker then treated those present to a club members' "My Favorite Shot" slideshow. Each club member had been invited to submit their favorite nature photography image taken during 2011. Bob arranged the sideshow such that the title and the maker's name appeared followed by the image. As each photographer's image was shown, the maker was invited to discuss any aspect of the image that they wanted to share. Many discussed why this image was their favorite of the year , while others discussed details regarding where and/or how the image had been obtained.

The holiday party was a special evening with fellow club members.

Happy holidays to all members of the Mile High Wildlife Photography Club! < Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting >
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