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November 2011 Meeting Summary

< Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting > The Club's November Meeting Business discussed before the presentation included the following:

Bob Cross announced that the club needs a 1) Mentor Program Coordinator - this person will get mentors and mentees together, based on like interests and needs, work on building a list of mentors, and will promote the mentor program; and 2) Field Trip Coordinator - someone to organize club outings and field trips.

The digital meeting is next Wednesday, the 16th - NOT the 23rd (Thanksgiving Eve). The newsletter had the date wrong - a correction email has been sent out.

Russ Burden wanted to let members know the OPEN category rules are being taken too literally - photos that correctly belong in the Wildlife or Scenic categories are being submitted in the Open category. As a guideline, corrective post-processing work belongs in the Wildlife or Scenic categories, creative work belongs in the Open category.

Nancy Stocker asked for snack and beverage volunteers for upcoming meetings and passed around a sign-up sheet. Members can also sign up online.

Charlie Summers also talked about a possible Yacht Trip to Alaska and a possible Wild Horse Tour to South Dakota.

Then Charlie Summers enthralled those present with the evening's presentation: "Africa from Antelope to Zebras." The beautiful images were taken by Charlie and Rita during multiple trips to many parts of Africa.

As introduced by Chuck Winters, "The story of the evening's program goes back to 1976 when Mile High Wildlife Photo Club was founded by a small group of amateur and professional wildlife photographers. Charlie and Rita Summers were two of those photographers."

Charlie was named Wildlife Photographer of the Year by BBC Wildlife in 1985. Rita is one of the women photographers represented in "Mother Earth," a collection of works of women writers and photographers.

Their photographic work has been published in Audubon, Backpacker, BBC Wildlife, Kid City, Kosmos, Living Bird, National/International Wildlife, National Geographic and National Geographic World, Natural History, Nature Conservancy, Orion, Outdoor Photographer, People, Ranger Rick, Sierra, Terre Savage and numerous calendars, cards and postcards as well as ads for Colorado Tourism, US Government and many national companies. One of their current projects is a book on wild horses of the world.

If you were unfortunate enough to have missed the Summers' fantastic presentation, check out their website at wildimages.biz to see a sampling of what you missed!

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