Mile High Wildlife Photo Club

March 2009 Meeting Summary

< Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting > The March club meeting featured presentations by three different club members, showing different methods to process and enhance high dynamic range photographs. Russ Burden demonstrated how to process multiple versions of the same image, processing each version to produce the best results for only a part of the total image. Combining the versions into a single Photoshop file to bring out detail in the shadows, highlights, and mid-tones. Bob Cross demonstrated taking multiple bracketed images in the field and then using Photoshop's merge functions to produce a final image to balance highlights and shadows. Bruce Norman demonstrated the function of specific tools for high dynamic range using Niks software. In one example, Bruce used a photo containing both an indoor room scene and a background scene visible through windows. He adjusted exposures to produce a final image that showed both the room and background in a balanced tonal range.

Business items discussed included the needed increase in membership dues, Natures Best submissions due the night of the meeting, and upcoming field trips. All these items are discussed in depth in the March and/or April newsletters. The Wildlife Experience invited club members to view a current exhibit featuring the photography of Ansel Adams. The exhibit featured detailed information on Ansel Adam's life and contributions to American photographic history. Several prints of Ansel Adams's classics were on display, including Yosemite Valley views and photographs of the Tetons, Sierras, and New Mexico. < Previous Meeting | Index | Next Meeting >
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