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February 2013 Meeting

Excellent attendance at the February MHWPC meeting as members and guests turned out in record numbers for our guest speaker, John Fielder.

The meeting began with announcements that included a reminder about voting for TWE Exhibit images at the upcoming March meeting, have your high resolution image files present at the meeting or sent in advance to Chuck Winter. Also announced: a volunteer is needed to take over the Judging Coordinator position; the Digital Training group, to meet March 27th, needs future presentation volunteers; badges for new club members are available; call for entries were announced for both The Lone Tree Art Show and the Roxborough State Park 2014 Calendar.

John Fielder’s presentation was informative in many areas. He spoke about an economy strengthened through protection of natural values. He stressed the importance of educating the next generation of voters on the benefits of being active outdoors and investing in the preservation of nature. His opening mantra stated that a disconnected humanity poises a greater challenge for protecting biodiversity than does climate change. Fielder encouraged us to look ahead to 2014, celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Wilderness Act.

The slideshow of Fielder's work covered two extensive projects: Ranches of Colorado (demonstrating his understanding that biodiversity and habitat is better protected when public and private lands are connected) and Great Outdoors Colorado, Lottery-Funded Lands. He humored us with a few pictures from Africa slipped in the mix and challenged us to see a “larger picture” within our own photographs.

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