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Fall Color Update
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09-21-2009, 09:38 AM Reb Babcock
Hi Again!
Yes, the colors appear to be happening early this year! I have been shooting around the Buena Vista area and the upper level leaves are starting to fade with the middle elevations about at peak. I went over Kenosha Pass on Tues. and it looks like the peak will be this week there.
I am going to see what this storm does before heading out again. The wind may take down some of the leaves :(.
If any one else has been out and can report on what they have seen, please let me know, I.E. Aspen area, Crested Butte & Kebler Pass. Has any one been down to the San Juan's to see if that area is also starting early? I think I may head over to Kebler Pass after the storm backs off, Wed. or Thurs. and will report back with what I see.
Thanks and Happy Shooting!
Reb Babcock

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