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Wildflower Report
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07-13-2009, 12:23 PM Reb Babcock
Hi Everyone!
I was just checking in to open a discussion between members to identify the wildflower hot spots and and timing this summer.
My wife and I went camping down last weekend in the Colony lakes area of the Sangre De Cristos. The mid-elev. flowers (9,000-10,000 ft.) are excellent there, huge size columbine everywhere in the trees, along with wild rose and yellow composites. The flowers along the foothills of the Sangres were great also with many different colors and species.
The high-elev. flowers (11,000-12,000 ft.) are still just starting to bloom. There are a few columbine here and there, but mostly the early bloomers, parry primrose, marsh marigold, etc. were most evident.
I.M.H.O., it seems like the flower peak at the high elevations is still going to be around the last week of the month, unless other members are seeing different! I'll check in again later! Please let us know what you all are finding out there!
Great shooting to all of you!
Reb Babcock
07-14-2009, 10:23 AM Christopher & Robyn Loffredo

Chuck Winter and I went down to American Basin (Lake City) and came back through Crested Butte this past weekend. The good news is that that American Basin has gotten a lot of rain this Summer but unfortunately June was very cold so that hurt the flower growth. IMO, I call it a good (not great)flower year in total there. American basin was just starting to pop so it should be good for 2 weeks if the rains continue. Lots of Columbine is the good news. Many others too with reds and yellows. But not as lush or dense as its been in other years.
But it could be better next weekend. Crested Butte also seemed to be having an average flower year, IMO. Gothic Road had the best reports and flowers that we found.

Chris Loffredo
07-16-2009, 08:24 AM Lois Lake
Steve and I went to the Northwest corner of Colorado this past week (up around the Steamboat Springs area). The wildflowers on Rabbit Ears Pass, Muddy Lake Pass, Scenic Bypass 132 and Sherrif Reservoir are spectacular. There was a wide variety of color.
07-27-2009, 03:15 PM Reb Babcock
Hi again!
I spent a good amount of last week in the Gothic area, American Basin, Stoney Pass and Porphyry Basin.
The East Fork trail of the East River near Schofield Pass had spectacular flowers on the 19th. Incredible variety of species!
American Basin looked great to me and probably at its peak around the 22nd. Nice Columbine, Larkspur, etc., and I was blessed to view a moose family (mom and twin calves), near the parking area. I was told it's not as good as last year but I had nothing to complain about.
Stoney Pass was pretty but did not have the number of species and density as the others.
I was invited to join another photographer at Porphyry Basin, near Red Mtn. Pass. This was new to me and a very interesting place with unusual geography. The flowers were good in places, mostly Paintbrush and Parry Primrose displays near the water courses. The road getting in there is not for the faint hearted tho, with some very narrow sections!
I also think the flowers will remain vibrant for a while longer as there seems to have been a fair amount of rain over the last several weeks to keep them well watered.
Good shooting to all!
Reb Babcock

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