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Micro-adjusting lens help
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11-13-2013, 08:06 AM Cathy Sheeter
I am searching for someone that has the needed equipment and has experience micro-adjusting cameras to help me do this with mine, as I have noticed minor back focus issues recently with it and my 100-400 lens. It would be for a Canon 7D. I would offer my gratitude and a free dinner for your assistance.

If possible I would like to get it don't in the next 7 days before I leave on a trip.

Anyone available to help me with this please email crias@yahoo.com

Cathy Sheeter
11-13-2013, 08:13 AM Russ Burden
you don't really need one:

dial in a minus 5 and take a photo. Did it correct the problem? If not, dial in a minus 10 and see if it's fixed. Keep doing this until it's corrected! That's what I did with my 200-400. I wound up at minus 15 and it works like a charm.

No need for a dinner :-)
01-22-2014, 10:01 PM Roger Clark
Be aware that the microadjustment calibration is temperature dependent. So I calibrate on site in the field using the methods I discuss here:
I have pretty much settled on method 2. I can usually set this in the field in a minute or two. Note that on a cold morning you might need one setting, then when it gets warmer it may need adjusting. Of course, how much, if any temperature effects there are depends on the lens and camera. Also, adding a TC makes it more sensitive to temperature (at least it does for my 33 f/2.8 and 500 f/4).

I believe the 7D saves only one setting per lens, so for a zoom, test it at the focal length you use most. The 1D cameras store two setting for a zoom.


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