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Pc vs MacBookPro = Confusion
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11-11-2012, 02:10 PM Basil Katsaros
I am getting ready for a photo tour and am questioning my laptop. I currently have a 17" Sony PC. My fisrt issue is getting a new laptop. All of my programs are Windows based. I was ready to buy a Sony model Z laptop, Then I got an Apple email presenting the MacBookPro with Retina. What screen resolution. I understand that I can make a Windows PC out of the MBP and use all of my programs, specifically Lightroom and Elements. Would anyone recommend doing that or just stay Windows based? I have read reviews that say both ways are fine. Second is screen size. If I go Sony, I would get the 13", MBP would be 15". Is 13" too small for editing at the end of a day of shooting? Thank yo in advance for your comments.
11-12-2012, 09:19 AM Cathy & Gordon Illg
Hey Basil,
Around 1 1/2 years ago we totally switched from windows to mac. If you are eligible for upgrades that is the way to go. We upgraded both photoshop and lightroom onto the new macs with no problem whatsoever. We just went online with adobe and they allow you to upgrade and switch platforms at the same time. there is some learning curve with the switch but we love the macs. the retina display is fabulous. we have the 15" macbook pro and it is useable for editing. hope this helps.
11-18-2012, 01:19 PM Roger Clark
There is yet another alternative. Windows 7 (along with microsoft office 2010) drove me away from windows. My wife and many colleagues have macs, so I have worked with them some, but really dislike the mac gui interface. So I went linux. Linux Mint (same as Ubuntu) with the Mate interface, is similar to windows XP in look and feel, but things work smoother and more logical in my opinion. I now do all operations on linux (e.g. I'm typing this message on linux with firefox) except photoshop and 3 other windows programs. I went to Africa in August and my laptop was linux. Performance is outstanding and faster than windws (especially reading cards with USB 3). I previewed all my images and backed them up with linux (the standard linux image viewer, nautilus, even reads raw files) on the Africa trip. I now use linux at home for all my work. Linux is much more secure (not trying to start an OS ware here).

Of course I need photoshop, so I run it in windows with virtualbox running on linux. Works great. Although I sometimes just use GIMP, which is free and now handles 16-bit images.

Next year we should see a phenomenal new LCD display technology that will make the retina displays look soft. Sharp has invented and shown at conferences a new LCD technology that has resolution up to 498 pixels per inch. Products should be coming out soon.


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