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Flash, Internal, won't work (Canon)
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08-21-2012, 06:28 PM Georgia A. Hart
A few days ago, my internal flash (Canon digital Rebel Ti3) was working normally, then I used my Speedlite and it worked normally, then I used a cable for my Speedlite and it did not work normally (apparently incompatible with my gear). Later, I found that my internal flash does not work at all.

With Speedlite disconnected, I went to the camera menu to 'Flash Control' and found that 'flash is enabled'. I then selected 'internal flash settings' and got a message 'this menu is not available; external flash is connected'. I then selected 'external flash settings' and got message 'external flash is turned off or is incompatible' (but no external flash was connected).

When I connect the Speedlite, the camera menu>flash control>external flash allows me to set controls for the Speedlite, and all works normally.

Did I damage my Speedlite shoe somehow either with the Speedlite or the incompatible Speedlite cable, so that the camera thinks that the Speedlite is always connected? Or is there a setting or procedure that I need to do to re-enable the internal flash?

If anyone has any ideas, I would be greatful. Thanks, Georgia Hart
08-24-2012, 03:24 PM Georgia A. Hart
Thanks, Charlie. I did as you suggested, which was also what Canon tech support suggested, but internal flash still not working. Canon did offer me a discount on a refurbished Canon T2i, but still quite expensive. I can send the camera to Canon for repairs, but that typically requires 2 weeks and about $200. Since my Speedlite works normally with my camera, I will use that instead of internal flash. Thanks for your idea. Georgia

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