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Golden Eaglet Chicks
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05-24-2012, 10:16 AM Bob & Nancy Stocker
With apologies for a second email. I accidentally deleted the original blog notice.

A golden eagle pair currently has THREE young in a nest from which one can get a decent shot in the morning. I am attaching (tiny as required by the blog) a full frame photo of the nest taken with a 400mm lens, 1.4x converter and my Canon 7D (1.6 multiplier). This is only to give you an idea what your setup might show. You can also see a cropped photo of one of the eaglets at http://www.stockerphotos.com/Galleries/Birds/DiurnalRaptors/Eaglet_20120518_0668.php

Other available subjects: a mountain plover nest at a neighboring ranch (if you get there before the chicks hatch and leave), LOTS of burrowing owls. Last weekend we also saw Swainson's hawks (and their nest, which is not photographable from any angle we could figure), turkeys, Bullocks and orchard orioles, yellow warblers, northern mocking birds, and all the usual prairie birds--kingbirds, flycatchers, various sparrows, lark buntings, etc. We have seen long-billed curlews there in other years, but that's very iffy. There are also old cars, lots of old and not-so-old farm equipment, etc., for those interested in "found object" shots, stone sheep pens from pre-English history in the area, old stone homesteads. There is a cliff swallow nesting colony. I often see swallows, but usually their nests are attached to an outhouse or a bridge. Last weekend there were fields of blanketflowers and blooming yucca. Depending on the heat and rain, these may not last long. Below is the deal:

*This is a 5 hour drive from our home in Denver.
*the cost is $125/24 hour day. This includes all meals, a good bed (at least the one Bob and I have used is very comfortable), and the 80+ year old ranchers to show you around--which they do very ably.
*In order to protect the eagles, time with them will be limited, probably to abut 20-25 minutes twice a day. Often the parents will stay away if someone is nearby or be fairly stressed if on the nest.
*The Grahns can accommodate only 3 people (if 2 share a bed) at a time now.

Contact info:

Please don't hesitate to call Bob or me (303) 759-4056 for more information or if you have trouble understanding directions to their place, or other questions. Here is a link to more information about their site. The photo album was created a number of years ago, and does not represent our best current photography.:


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