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Club May competition and focus accuracy on subjects
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05-10-2012, 08:30 PM Roger Clark
I noticed in this month's photo competition a number of wildlife images where the focus seemed to be in front of the subject. In some cases it might have been due to focusing on a foreground blade of grass or other distraction, but in others it might be due to microadjustment calibration. If you had one of these (misfocused) images, did you use a single AF point located on the eye? That is generally the best strategy to avoid focus on something else. For microadjustments, I do mine on site as I believe I am seeing some temperature dependence of the AF calibration. I've recently expanded my web page describing on site calibration with no special targets. In fact, this morning I did my microadjustment calibration on an owl. It was warmer this morning than many previous mornings, and my microadjustment needed a tweak. See:


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