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Wildflowers - there is still time
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08-08-2011, 08:12 AM Ronald Eberhart
I did a trip this weekend to check out the wildflowers and was VERY pleasantly surprised.

American Basin (Lake City) has great flowers. Most flowers are in good shape except for the sneeze weed. Columbine are sparce, which is VERY strange for here, but they may just be setting on. The ones that I saw were very nice and did not really see any old ones, so they may be yet to come. This week could still be good down there.

Bullion King (Red Mountain Pass) has stunning crimson paintbrush. This is about the best I have ever seen this area and I believe I hit it at peak or very close. The hillside is a glow of red, yellow, and green.

Yankee Boy Basin (Ouray): I did not actually go here, but have a good friend that was up 4 days ago and reports that the hillsides have exploded. Judging from Bullion King I believe that the flowers could be great.

Shrine Pass (Vail Pass) was very nice last night and pretty close to home. You could actually leave after work and still get pictures in the evening. Shoot from about 5pm to 8pm. the paintbrush was good and plentiful as well as the alpine sunflowers and daisies. Columbine were starting in lower elevations and a bit sparce, but again may just be starting. I saw plenty of paintbrush just budding on the west side.

If anyone want to see photos of any of these let me know.

In general the flowers look like they are happening, but they are about 2-3 weeks late.

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