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The Moose are Swarming!
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07-21-2011, 05:40 PM Stephanie Lindemann
Just thought I would give you all a heads up. I came home through RMNP on Sunday and went back up yesterday afternoon and stayed through this a.m. simply because there were so many MOOSE in the valley north of Grand Lake.

On Sunday when driving through in the late afternoon with out-of-town guests I saw three cows with babies and a couple of two-year old bulls, as well as two 7-8pt bulls. I left my camera at home on Sunday (not a normal occurance), so had to go back up. Last night I saw 2 cows with babies and the bulls again and then I saw a total of 7 moose this morning. Maybe this is normal for RMNP, but I have never seen so many in one day before so you might want to get up there and photograph!

They are anywhere from right next to the road to a ways out in the meadows - so take the big glass in case you need it. Good Luck. Steph Lindemann

P.S., oh yeah, there were black bears too.
08-02-2011, 06:08 AM Chris Frazier
Long Draw Road at the top of the Poudre River Canyon opened (finally) last weekend - saw 8 moose on this road and another 3 on Highway 14. Seems to be a good year for moose,,,,

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