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Warning to State Farm insured photographers!!!!
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06-02-2011, 04:15 PM Stephanie Lindemann
Hi all, just thought I would share an interesting bit of news that has cost me several thousand dollars. I am insured by State Farm and have an additional personal articles policy to cover my camera equipment. I have had the policy for more than two years.

On the 21st of May someone broke into my car - my wallet, camera equipment and laptop were stolen. I turned in a claim and State Farm Insurance is not going to pay for the camera equipment (even though I had paid for a policy that supposedly covered it) because I have sold a photo or two in my life.

State Farm states that if you have ever made any money from what is insured it is not covered under the policy you purchased for it - a personal articles policy (despite the fact that my agent, Adam Hancock, knew I occasionally sold photos to calendars and also despite the fact that the equipment used was never used to take any of the photographs sold to calendars). I trusted him to sell me the correct policy - but he didn't. To purchase the correct policy would have only cost $30 more per year.

The morale of this story is CHECK YOUR INSURANCE POLICY especially if it is STATE FARM INSURANCE and make sure your equipment is covered and you are not paying for something that will not cover you if you need it. Although the agent is telling the adjustor that my photography is only a hobby not a business, State Farm is still refusing to pay under the policy I purchased.

P.S., the agent was the one that told the State Farm Insurance adjustor that I sold photos to calendars, and yes, I am in contact with the Colorado Department of Insurance and am working on finding a lawyer to handle my case. Double check your policy before you find yourself taking a huge loss as I am.
06-03-2011, 05:11 PM Sherry Timm
So sorry this happened. My husband said you may have a hard time getting a lawyer to handle such a small dollar amount especially if you file a schedule C. However, since your agent knew the whole story, he may be the one to sue since he should have an errors and omissions policy. You could sue him yourself in small claims court but are limited to $7500. A lawyer will probably charge you by the hour - $200 and higher. I hope this helps.
06-04-2011, 08:25 AM Stephanie Lindemann
Thanks Sherry. Fortunately, I was a legal assistant for more than 20 years, so an attorney I used to work for is going to handle it for me. Thanks for the suggestion and everyone be sure to double check your policy!

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