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Digital Mtg 1/26 & $60 to play with
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01-27-2011, 09:09 AM Stephanie Lindemann
Hi All,

Thanks Teri for a great presentation last evening! For those of you who attended the digital meeting and might want to try creating a book, I have the following coupon for a $60 credit at Nations Photo Lab you can use. The only drawback is it expires on February 2nd! (and Russ, this can qualify for my 15 minutes of fame at the March meeting - tee hee. Steph)

Okay, here is the info for Nations Photo Lab I recently received at ImagingUSA in San Antonio. The only problem is it expires February 2nd and is only valid for new customers, it is a one time use and one per account.

Here's what you do:

1. Go to nationsphotolab.com

2. Sign up for free account

3. Download the Free Ordering Software

4. Type in promo code "TEXAS" in the review order screen.

5. In the checkout screen, use the promotional code "Safari" to receive and extra $10.00 off.

Have fun! C-ya, Steph

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