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So what's going on at Adobe or what's Lightroom Classic
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10-20-2017, 09:59 PM Terry Mieger
Starting to get questions about what happened to Lightroom. Adobe has produced a whole new app called Lightroom CC WHAT THE...Yes Lightroom CC. They then renamed the Lightroom app we have and use,The Lightroom Classic Take about screwing thongs up with a nonsensical name change. The New CC is totally new and different it is 100% Cloud based which seems to be where the world is going like it or not. The are some really neat advantages. You can work on the files cross platform, anywhere on tablet or computer. Your full sized image files are stored in the cloud so need need for backups etc. Blazing retrieval speed (Ha, ha that's a joke). It sounds intriguing and the editing software look really limited, plugins don't work and not sure if the file system (no more Library Module) would work.
The LR Classic is an improve update for what we have been using. It will still save Smart Previews on the Cloud for LR Mobile. (So why the rename- just to confuse I assume). I recommend and what I will do is, unless you really need the club stuff. Is update your LR CC to LR Classic for now.

There are 3 price plans, then most of us have now - LR Classic+PS+20 GB etc for $9.99/month LR CC (cloud) + 1TB storage (no PS or Classic etc) for $9.99/month or LR CC +LR Classic + PS etc for $19.99/month

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