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What do the plugin/apps of Topaz do?
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09-29-2016, 05:26 PM Terry Mieger
One of the things I was asked about at the Digital meeting (I think it was Jim Esten) was to give out some information as to what each plugin/app of Topaz does and maybe a short critique. I’ll try to keep it short. Keep in mind Topaz strength is in the area of “artistic” manipulation and some very special almost can’t live without plugins

1. PhotoFXPro - Allows access from a parent app such as LR. I LOVE IT because it allows layering, including blend mode etc. and masking with out going to PS. With out it you must use Fusion (s free app from Topaz). Downside not all of Topaz works through PhotoFXLab.

2. Adjust - This is the basic “develop “ plug in allows control of contrast, saturation, detail and saturation. Does a nice job but usually LR is enough for me. I list this as good general processing plugin.

3. B&W Effects - Obviously converts to B&W and tinted monochrome. Considered my many as the best conversion system. I like the B&W Effects Pro from Google (YUK) Nik. because I am intrenched in the ZONE System as a former darkroom guy. B&W Effects has some great presets and as all Topaz great for some of the off the wall arty stuff.

4. Clarity - Great contrast control basically to control perspective sharpness. As you know, sharpness is dependent upon micro contrast and different from focus. This is a good for for sharpening

5. Clean - One of those “Arty” ones. Controls amount texture and detail. I find once in awhile I use it to add interesting texture and appearance to that, “Creative “ category..

6. DeJPEG - Attempts to eliminate artifacts cause by jpeg compression. Interesting but don’t shoot jpeg so never need or use it. May to rescue those old shots from the Erie Canal, No still never used.

7. DeNoise - THIS is a big one one of the those must haves! It is probably the BEST denoise software available. It’s a little weird in that sometimes you don’t really know what you are getting. I have used it a lot because, honestly, I do extreme cropping. all of my prints that have been in the South Denver CU/Wildlife Experience competition pass through this. I could not print without it

8. Detail - This gives you great control over the detail and increasing them in an image. What is neat is it does it by size of detail, large, medium and small. I like the way it gives control over what I want emphasized in the image. Remember, detail draws attention.

9. Glow - Another “Arty” one. I love this one it’s like adding neon lights to the image. Can be really cool. Neat stuff and can be very effective especially with layering in PhotoFXLab

10. Impression - Again an “Arty” one, fairly new but really great because it emulate the painting of many great artists. I love my flowers to look like a Renoir or my landscape like a Van Gough.

11. Infocus - simply put sharpening. Strength it can sometime rescue blurry images with what they call deconvolution technology. I haven’t used it much but may be worth a try if you have a problem.

12. Lens Effects - This one could be great. It allows the production of the effects of specific lens at specific aperture. Want that Bokeh? Here’s a good way to do it. I haven’t completely figured out how to use this one. Learning curve?? Ouch. I like it with PhotoFXPro because I can mask in or out what I want.

13. Remask - One of the best masking helper there is. This is what started me in Topaz. Simplifies very complicated masking. Works great in PS but the newest incarnation not compatible with PhotoFXLab. Still worth using. It can make very complicated selections easy.

14. ReStyle - Another “Arty” one, Tons of presets which supposedly give you the classic looks of certain scenarios such as Nature, Portrait etc. Too much for my taste. Hum.. maybe layered in Photofxpro or PS?

15. Simplify - Do I need to say, “Arty” again? Adds certain effects. Quote “Create paintings, sketches, watercolors, cartoons, and more” I actually find this one can be fun to play around with. Has some neat edge painting tools that when layered and blended it can really bring out things in an image.

16. Star Effects - “Arty” allows great control over adding artificial stars to the high lights. Can be very artificial looking or very real looking. I have had some great result with it. Just keep it under control. It is a fun plugin.

17. Texture Effects - “Arty” It is very easy and fast to add texture to your image. It can be surprising the interesting effects that are possible. From paper type such as canvas to toning. It works well. I have very like use for it but who know It’s an another tool in the tool chest.

I hope this answers some questions if not contact me.
09-30-2016, 06:44 AM Thomas Loucks
Terry - outstanding. Thanks so much! Tom Loucks
09-30-2016, 06:45 AM Thomas Loucks
Terry - outstanding. Thanks so much! Tom Loucks

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